Our Services

Contact NCHIIN at 707.267.9581 or support@northcoasthin.org for pricing and available resources.

Interface development

Lab results and documents from the hospital are coming in all the time and mostly by fax. Those documents need to be scanned into your EHR and filed for each patient. With an interface into your EHR from NCHIN, those documents will flow automatically from the source into the patient’s chart, saving paper, time and money! And now, with Meaningful Use, you may need to be able to send immunization data directly to the California Immunization Registry (CAIR). NCHIN has built interfaces for many practices in Humboldt County. We’d love to work with you, too!

Meaningful Use Consulting

We provide support for practices wanting to attest for one of the EHR Incentive Programs. The services provided range from assistance in selecting an EHR, implementing the EHR system, working with the practice to change workflows for successful implementation, and filing attestations for providers in either the Medicare or Medi-Cal program.

ICD10 Consulting

We provide orientation and support for your practice as you prepare to shift to the ICD10 system.

Disaster Recovery

Before EHRs were in every office, backing up your practice management system once or twice a day was fine. At most, you might lose 4 hours of work and it could probably be recreated. Now, every minute you are seeing patients, you are creating new data in your system that cannot be recreated. Our replication/high availability (RHA) system backs up your data in real-time and can become available to your practice as a fail-over system while you get back up on your feet after any IT disaster.

Security Risk Analysis

HIPAA legislation, EHR incentive programs and good business practices demand that your practice perform risk analysis and management activities. NCHIN can do that on your behalf.

HIPAA Training

Our instructor will provide HIPAA training and orientation to your staff at our location or yours. Our training is in depth and satisfies the requirement of retraining staff annually.

Network Support

We have 4 levels of service to meet the needs of your practice.

  • Platinum Service Plan
    • Monthly system maintenance. 
    • Support for system problems with no limit on tech support time.
    • EHR support including but not limited to upgrades, interfacing with vendor for support calls, configuration changes and new workflows.
      Monthly Fee:  $400

  • Gold Service Plan
    • Monthly system maintenance. 
    • Support for system problems with no limit on tech support time.
      Monthly Fee:  $225

  • Silver Service Plan
    • Support for system problems
    • Covers services for system problems up to a maximum of three hours of tech support time each month.
      Monthly Fee:  $145

  • Bronze Service Plan
    • Support for system problems.
      Hourly Fee:  $85

  • Additional Fees
    • Additional travel time will be $50 per hour, and apply only to trip time to Customer’s site.
    • After hours fees will be billed at the rate of $100 per hour and holiday fees at the rate of $150 per hour.
    • Supplementary services, such as software installation/upgrades and report design, will be applied against the prepaid service fees at our normal rates (e.g. Report design fees:  $85 per hour).

  • Additional Hardware Costs: Per Case Estimate
  • Any additional parts or equipment needed to perform the scope of this agreement, or bring resolution to a Trouble Report, will be billed separately, as per an agreed upon estimate at the time of the incident.


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