Quality Improvement Coaching

NCHIIN supports practices in improving the delivery of care through our Quality Improvement Coaching program. This is achieved by working with a practice coach. The mission of the practice coach is to transfer skills, tools and knowledge to each practice so that they have the knowledge, ability and resources to continue their improvement journey once the formal engagement period concludes.

We use a coaching model for this work, which is a specific process of interaction over a period of time that encourages a shift in who you are, what you do and how you do it. This respectful, inquiring form of conversation and listening expands your ability to make significant changes, make changes more rapidly that stick, move forward in new areas, and transform your practice. Through our training and expertise, we can assist in the following areas.

  • Assisting leadership with change management
  • Hold productive & effective meetings
  • Implement huddles
  • Develop QI Team
  • Process mapping: Streamline your workflows & processes
  • Learning how to Use PDSAs for rapid cycles of change
  • Develop a communication plan
  • Understand your data and use it to select improvement projects and track their progress
  • Set Goals and develop action plans for improvement
  • Create data walls & dashboards
  • Use cause & effect diagrams to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Engage patients and families in your improvement effort
  • Assisting with meeting the specific requirements of QI measurements for various payors
  • Care team development
  • Measure and improve patient cycle time
  • Improve patient access to care

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