About the Humboldt Community Health Trust:
The complex health and social issues Humboldt County faces cannot be solved by one organization or through one initiative alone. By bringing together diverse organizations and individuals under a common vision and agenda, stakeholders can achieve improved health of all Humboldt County residents through the manifestation of an Accountable Care for Health (branded locally as the “Humboldt Community Health Trust”). This model allows for the alignment of multiple initiatives that address the health of the whole community while closing the gap for vulnerable populations.

About Accountable Communities for Health (ACH):
An ACH is a structured and enduring platform for bringing together the health care delivery system, public health, social services, community-based programs, other aligned sectors and institutions, and residents in order to collectively improve the health of the community.  Accountable Communities for Health or Accountable Health Communities (the name given to federal CMS sites) have been piloted in numerous sites across the United States, with early pilots in Washington, Vermont, and Minnesota.

Humboldt Community Health Trust Efforts:
The work of the Humboldt Community Health Trust is supported by a multi-sector governance team and the initiative’s backbone organization, the North Coast Health Improvement and Information Network (NCHIIN).   In early 2016, NCHIIN, in partnership with many community healthcare and human service organizations, submitted an ACH proposal to the California Accountable Community for Health Initiative (CACHI) focused on addressing Substance Use Disorders (SUD) issues in Humboldt County.  Though unsuccessful in the initial wave of awards, NCHIIN was notified in January 2017 that the Humboldt County CACHI proposal was funded in a second round of awards.  The Humboldt Community Health Trust has also been funded as part of a joint proposal to the WellBeing Trust, a new national foundation formed out of the Providence-St. Joseph merger.

In July 2017, NCHIIN officially kicked off the Humboldt Community Health Trust.  Over the next 18 months, NCHIIN and community partners will focus on:

  • The establishment of a governance team and workgroups
  • Supporting-sector collaboration and data sharing across Humboldt County
  • Initiating community systems mapping to capture existing resources and analyze gaps and redundancies
  • Developing a community-wide approach in the creation guidelines related to SUD prevention, resource, and treatment
  • The establishment of the Humboldt County wellness fund and alternative funding models
  • Developing a portfolio of community projects that progress Humboldt Community Health Trust SUD efforts


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