What Is A Community Information Exchange (CIE)?

The North Coast Care Connect (Care Connect) is a network of health and social service providers (a Community Information Exchange) who have partnered together to coordinate care for persons in need of assistance. When persons consent to share their information with the network, Partner Agencies are able to share client information using a secure data platform and to provide coordination and electronic referrals for services.

People can often benefit from connecting to multiple service providers for their various needs. As clients and their families seek supportive services, opting into CIE can reduce the amount of times persons are asked to repeat basic information when they get referred from one agency to another and avoid being referred to programs that they already accessed. This allows care coordinators from different agencies to work together and provide warm handoffs and electronic referral.

Who Are Our Network Partners

We are just beginning to build our network.  Our current partners are:

For Clients

Find out more information about North Coast Care Connect, including our network partners, our privacy statements, and how to revoke your consent.

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